Nike in-season TR 8 Review

Nike in-season TR 8 review

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Nike in-season TR 8 review


Push yourself into the women’s in-season TR training shoes from Nike. These lightweight sneakers are equipped with noisy footwear and cushioned insoles to ensure shaking-free stability. Today we will learn more about this training shoe in Nike in-season TR 8 Review. Let’s get into this Nike in-season TR 8 Review.

Ideal for circuit training and cardio-heavy workouts Nike Women’s in-season TR 8 women’s training shoes combine flexible outsole lightweight durability that removes your feet. The smooth, closed-hole mesh on its nozzle and heel maximizes comfort while the flywire wires are integrated with lace for lock-in fits. Completely strategically placed rubber pads that are placed in high-wear areas to provide lightweight stability and traction during multidimensional movement.

Nike has always wanted to improve their products so that they make the TR 8 version even better. This version has a higher redesign so that it is more breathable and offers more support thanks to the flexible wings and integrated flywire cable.

These trainers are both flexible and lightweight to further enhance the effectiveness of your cross-training. The midsole of those TR 8 shoes is thicker than its predecessor and the platform has been widened for introduced balance. Available colors were arranged to pay homage to Nike’s popular college teams. But even if the colors of your alma mater are not available, there are some great options at affordable prices to choose from.

These shoes are made like breathable boots for comfort and support. This shoe provides midsole TPU wings support and durability. FlyWire’s cables are integrated into the upper distribution adapted and supported fits. The hexagonal flex grooves used on the outsole of the shoe help the shoe to bend and flex in multiple directions. The midsole Eva foam on its shoes is both comfortable and shock-absorbing.

Nike in-season TR 8 review

Below is a detailed discussion of this Nike in-season tr 8 running shoe

Best Features

Nike in-season TR 8 review
Nike in-season TR 8 review

Why Nike in-season TR 8 most popular?


The outsole of this updated version of the shoe bears striking resemblance to its predecessor, the TR 7. This Nike in-season Made with full-length rubber foam, this outsole is designed to be durable enough to withstand high-intensity training wear and tear. Like many Nike Freestyle acknowledgments, the outsole features deep laser-cut grooves in a hexagonal pattern designed to provide maximum flexibility in any direction.

The soft outsole also acts as a shock absorber component of the sneaker to help protect you during your workout. Rubber pods are strategically placed across the outsole foam to provide multidimensional traction. The outsole of this sneaker is an updated part with heels that provide extra support and stability during practice and this version has flatter and wider heels than its predecessor. The outsole front of this sneaker boasts a haptic print rubber pod for extra durability.


The Nike in-season TR 8 has the same midsole made with full-length EVA foam as its predecessor. There are several updates including the thickness of this midsole. In this update, the medial becomes thicker and extends to both sides to cradle the legs for extra stability during side movements. The lateral aspect of the midsole of the sneaker is not characteristic of the well-known tone of the company but the mediocre aspect which is slightly touching.


The updates to the Nike TR 8 are more pronounced on the top of the sneakers than the predecessor. However, the midfoot of these shoes now has TPU wings on the lateral and middle sides that are integrated with the lacing system for extra reinforcement support. These wings are designed to lock in the foot space in the ankle area to provide extra stability.

TR in-season 8 In this updated version, Nike uses their Flywire cable technology. These tiny wires that run from the bottom of the sneaker are wrapped around the upper middle midfoot and attached to the lacing system. This technology has been proven to provide great support, durability, and flexible fit. The rest of the upper part of the shoe forms a breathable double-layered mesh material. This material extends across the shoe nozzle.

From the midfoot to the heel area is formed a stiff-sister mesh that is breathable but slightly more helpful. Its heels will get a comfortable heel cup made of flexible textile material. This heel cup is designed to provide extra support and works with TPU ounces to keep your feet locked. Its upper part has a higher padded tongue and heel area. Which not only helps you to sneak in and off easily but also helps you through high-intensity movement.


The double-layer mesh that makes up the upper part of most of these sneakers provides excellent breathability which is what you get when you take cross-training. The top of these sneakers is made with a stiff sister mesh. Which makes you feel a decent amount of airflow in and out of your foot chamber.


The Nike TR 8 has proven to be a fairly durable sneaker. After inspecting the foam midsole and outsole and putting the shoe through the wringer, one user said that they could not find any visible signs of wear and tear.


The small rubber toe bumper protects the front of the shoe from tearing during activities such as burps or quick stops. Also, the top elements will be quite flexible and will mold and flex with the movement under your feet and will not tear easily. Some fake boot-style cross trainers have a tendency to tear easily but the material used in the engineering above these sneakers has proven to be quite durable.


The main thing that your cross-training sneakers want to protect you from is shock and slipping. These shoes have been tested extensively and the inquiries in terms of safety are quite positive. The small toe cap protects the toes during aging and the heel cap grips the heel firmly to keep it stable during lifting. The outsole of this shoe does not boast a lot of grip rubber so it can be uncompromising in terms of safety.


The solid full-length EVA midsole and outsole of this sneaker provide a lot of support to this shoe. It makes a great platform for weight lifting but allows you to pivot and rotate as needed while supporting your foot. The TPU wings on either side of the midfoot hug the patty and support it by keeping it locked in place. The heel of this sneaker boasts a semi-flexible heel cup that locks the heel in place to support it as you perform activities such as support or box-jumping.


The great thing about the outsole of these sneakers from Nike is their flexibility. Nowadays, many like Nike Morrell have chosen to use laser-aided flex grooves in mid and outsole EVA foam to make the sneaker more flexible. The heels are encased in a hexagonal pattern that allows the sneaker to bend and flex in multiple directions. The bottom of the sneaker is very flexible as there is no heavy rubber outsole. Additionally, the upper part of the shoe is made of two layers of mesh which is very flexible.


The Nike in-season TR 8 is a great cross-trainer sneaker that provides a decent amount of support.


You may notice that cross-training shoes are quite difficult to make which are extremely comfortable and reliable for performing multiple cross-training activities. However, Nike in-season TR 8 has been tested and proved that they can not only perform well but also act as comfortable sneakers for various training activities. The great thing about these sneakers is that they not only provide comfort for training activities like jumping and weight lifting but they also provide exceptional support while running which is not always the case with cross-training sneakers.


These sneakers are relatively lightweight for their makeup materials. The outsole and midsole of this sneaker are made with soft EVA foam and the outsole does not boast a heavy rubber log system. Its upper is made of lightweight breathable mesh material.


Colorway of Nike in-Season TR 8

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  • Black/Black
  • Burgundy Ash/Metallic Silver/Pink Tint
  • Pure Platinum/Melon Tint
  • Pink Pink Tint Metallic Silver Burgundy 600
  • Pure Platinum/Melon Tint
  • Black/White/Anthracite
  • Gunsmoke/White-atmosphere Grey
  • Blue
  • Black Black Met Elementgold 009
  • Bordeaux/Pink Foam/Plum Dust/Plum Chalk
  • Brown (Smokey Mauve/Metallic Silver 200)
  • Black
  • Brown Smokey Mauve Metallic Silver 200
  • Schwarz Black Met Elementgold 009
  • Pure Platinum Melon Tint 004
  • Obsidian/Storm Pink
  • Grey

Nike in-season TR 8 review

Key Features in nike in-season TR 8

1.  TPU wings provide support in the midfoot area of ​​the sneaker.

2.  Flex grooves provide excellent flexibility in the outsole and midsole foam.

3.  The above FlyWire cable technology keeps it stable to support and stabilize your legs.

4.  The higher bouts featured two cutaways, for easier get admission to the better frets, and the lower bouts featured two cutaways, for simpler access to the better frets.

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