Nike Precision 4 Review - 2024

Shoe Details

Shoes Details

The Nike Precision 4  Low Top  Shoe is a versatile and comfortable choice for hitting the court. The faster players get out of the cut, the easier it is to maintain a defensive off-balance. 

The Nike precision 4 shoe combines racer color with a low-profile design so you can maximize your speed and agility during games. The Nike precision 4 is a versatile shoe that can be worn for both indoor and outdoor basketball.

In this article, we will discuss in detail all features of This Nike Precision 4 for you. Let's get into this Nike Precision 4 Review.

Nike precision 4 is a basketball shoe that was released in 2017. It is a new release from the Nike brand designed to improve your game. It is designed for players who need precision and control while playing on the court.

The precision 4 features a number of improvements over previous models, including a more comfortable fit, better grip, and improved accuracy.

This basketball shoe is designed to increase speed and agility while on the basketball court. These basketball shoes feature a low-cut collar that provides a supportive fit that allows for ankle mobility and the outsole is made of rubber for traction.

These basketball shoes from Nike feature a durable rubber outsole that wraps around the shoe to maintain the crease on the basketball court. 

Also, the pivot circles on the bottom help you stay in control while making cuts. The tongue and lace constructions of these shoes help to secure your feet in places while the texture improves the Nike Swoosh logo style.

Nike Precision 4 basketball shoes are ready for your next basketball game. But it can be very important for someone like you.

It will be a shoe for you that you will catch a glimpse of tomorrow and forget or something that can transform into a super usable investment if you are on a tight budget and play some ball and fast.

The Nike Precision 4 adds a racer look with the position of the basketball shoe protection plan so you can make the most of your speed and significance during games.

This Nike Precision 4 shoe has a durable protective fit that goes with you. Wraps the rubber to increase the durability of the shoe. This basketball shoe is designed for court speed and agility. 

There is tongue and lace construction for the wearer’s lock-in feel. You have an outsole pivot circle for quick cutting on the court and a low-cut collar to help fit the ankle.

This shoe uses a durable rubber outsole with a pivot circle, resilient foam midsole, and a knit upper with two-level cushions to create a smooth ride. The light knitted material with this low-cut collar of the shoe provides a secure supporting fit while maintaining ankle mobility. 

The sides of these shoes have a multidimensional outsole pattern covered with rubber to help you grip the court. It gives the toe and eyelet a durable fit that goes with you. 

The reinforced toe and eyelets provide a durable fit that moves with you, and the cushioned insole and padded collar and tongue add extra comfort. Add some extra control and lightweight action to your foot sport with these shoes, including Nike Precision 4 basketball shoes on the court or blacktop.

This basketball shoe is designed for quick cuts and heavy landings. These shoes have breathable performance mesh and fabric upper. 

It has a mid-top silhouette and lace-up closure. There is a padded tongue and collar to add support. This shoe has a textured swoosh design and tongue and lace construction.

Nike Precision 4 Review

Best Features of this Nike Precision 4

Nike precision 4 review
Nike Precision 4 Review

In this session of Nike Precision 4 Review, I will tell you the benefits of these shoes.

The reasons to buy this shoe are:


Let us know a little bit about the important thing first. Most people can take their regular size/regular size of Nike. Even wide footpaths shouldn’t be a big problem here. These didn’t look so good at first, but not all nits are as worrying. 

I broke them in a few days and it felt good to go. These still feel a bit too tight for wide footprints but there are no contract-broking limits.This time they only leave some of the headroom in the toe-box area and probably leave the same edge width for some of you. 

So if you prefer a full one-to-one snag fit as a regular/slender footer, going below half the size may be an option but the midfoot and forefoot areas are not fairly compact so you can end up with too much tight fit. And if you want it to be 1/2 in size as a wide footpath, there may be unwanted cells according to length.


Many wearers prefer this Nike Precision 4 low-top because it is light and really comfortable. Its textile lining provides a comfortable garment inside the shoe. 

While these shoes lack any premium material battery-smooth lining or pillowy-pillow soft padding, the shoe still avoids something that is comfortable, plays well, and provides a somewhat scatter-free experience. 

The Nike Precision 4 is almost ridiculously light it comes down to 12 ounces (337 gm) and will definitely play that way. Its midsole has got a fairly acceptable ride by providing step smooth transitions and the shoe is really litter flexible.

The two main things that make a sneaker flexible and almost over-flick are the lack of midfoot shanks and of course the nature of a knitted top. While this could be a problem for such compact, bare-sister type shoes, users commented that they were also safe enough for explosive guards.


You could say that the primary focus of these shoes was an outdoor environment. So as expected I was teasing both the blacktop and the synthetic rubber court outside when the traction was perfectly fine. 

The heel part of its outsole has a circle pattern which is a bit farther than the front. There have been several instances where shoes that used an incongruous pattern or multiple patterns across the Sole lacked consistency in the actual court bite. 

Not in the case of the Nike Precision 4 is the small circle-shaped region where you cut the ball of your foot sting really well but the rest of the outsole happens as you find yourself in the final corner.

Although it is not an XDR, this rubber is hard and the grooves are light deep. In addition to some cosmetic damage to the outsoles, the shoe is on the court as well as just outside the box. I’m sure it will stay that way for at least a year.


The shoe cushion setup is just a foam midsole and Nike didn’t specify that the midsole was specifically my idea it’s just Philon. 

But don’t let the details fool you even though this midsole won’t be anyone’s “dream” setup I would take this kind of ride any day of the week on a Kiri 2 or a Mamba Fury and both of these are more expensive than these shoes. 

You’ll be fine as long as you don’t expect to walk over the clouds or get yourself a cushion like the LeBron-18. There is a minimal sense of mattress projection on impact as well as moderate impact protection on heels.

There is virtually nothing but reactivity and court feeling as you are very low to the ground in the foreground. It’s kind of a great normal budget for setup but that’s what I offer a bit more than I expected. 

The Nike Precision 4 will be preferred by boys who prefer a light-hearted and fast, spot-up shooter or a faster ride. 

For heavier athletes who put more torque on their feet and or explosive play styles that involve a lot of athleticism they can completely remove this kind of setup but I would say there is no better option than this.


A basic basketball shoe is a platform that encourages you the right device and stability, along with a few support features that keep the support section together. As mentioned in the fit section you can achieve a secure fit by giving these which is close to one for me to start with.

The platform of this shoe is wide enough on the outside and it is quite flat. Our engagement and lateral support with this short outrigger become quite adequate. 

There is no real midfoot shank in place so flat footers should think twice about it. The lacing system is conventional, not only has no flywheel this time around, but it was fine in most fields in the overall lockdown.


The Nike Precision 4 offers a bit more. It is fairly comfortable and offers a secure fit. Its traction is great and outdoor-ready. Its cushion is not as impressive, but it does provide protection from the effects of moderate impact and comfort. The support around it is very light and minimal but should work for many guards. The top is a knit but not bad according to the price tag.

Nike Precision 4 Review

So if you are looking for a quick little shoe that focuses on freedom of movement while riding a fairly safe ride, you have found it. Again, this is probably not the best option for someone big or super explosive, but it is perfect for its price.

Almost all reviewers give this Nike Precision 4 low-top basketball shoes from Nike five-star ratings. This shoe is stylish. Many are happy to wear clothes that get compliments when they get their pair of Nike Prevision 4 shoes.

These Nike shoes are just some of the more affordable options. A good number of buyers have exclaimed that these shoes fit perfectly.

These basketball shoes are flexible. Many wearers are happy that they can use the Precision 4 not only for basketball but also for running and other activities. 

Users are happy that there are many color options and they can choose the one they like. These shoes have good traction. Several wearers have noted that the Nike Precision 4 holds the indoor courts well.

The Nike Precision line is not disappointed when it comes to prices as they are always among the cheapest basketball shoes and the fourth perfection easily survives this expectation. 

Apart from the price, there are other good things like- Nike Precision 4 is light, comfortable, and stylish. Because it is worn out at work.

These shoes have only been equipped with bowling for a few years which have already been proven effective in court. This low-top is a classic in both appearance and composition so you know it gets the job done. 

It is quite affordable because shoppers can take it even for those who do not play basketball. They wear these shoes at work or during gym workouts.

Nike is always aware of the expanded utility of its products. Check out that this product comes in styles that are easy on the eyes and flexible enough to fit in a variety of contexts.

Additionally, the precision 4 is available in a number of different color options to match your style.

Nike Precision 4 Review

There are many variations of Nike Precision 4. Check on below.

If you don't like it, you may want to check out Nike Precision 3.

Nike Precision 4 Review

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