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Nike Revolution 5 Review
Nike Revolution 5 Review

Nike Revolution 5 Review


The Nike Revolution 5 is a running shoe that is an entry-level, well-priced running shoe made of soft foam to ensure comfortable running for short distances (e.g. 5-10 kilometers). This Nike Revolution 5 Running appears to be more premium and performs with more durability than similar shoes in this price range.

Let's take a look at our Nike Revolution 5 review.

Recently Nike is slowly moving away from big bulky models while slowly moving towards lighter light with better, better kicks. This is what we will describe in Nike Revolution 5 Review.

Nike Revolution 5 Build for Comfort. Nike Revolution 5 Lightweight mesh spreads around your feet and soft foam cushions prove to be a revolutionary comfort. These shoes are easy to wear with a simple strap and the helpful designs make these kicks ready for fun wherever they go.

The Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoe with Nike Foam cushions your flow to keep you comfortable.

Nike Revolution 5 Review

Best Features

nike revolution 5 Infographic
Nike Revolution 5 Review

I think you should try Nike Revolution 5 for that feature.

Nike Revolution 5 Review

Let's learn more about the features of this shoe in this Nike Revolution 5 Review.

First Impression of Nike Revolution 5

The shoe looks more expensive than its list price when unboxing the Nike Revolution 5. A similar look with the more expensive Epic response range makes running shoes feel lighter in weight and hand flexibility.

This running shoe is true and comfortable to fit size when first tried. The upper of this running shoe is so light and thin that there is plenty of room for the foot to move and no hardpoints or pinch points. It is stable as it stretches more than the width of the foot, yet feels comfortable to enter.

The laces were quite short after being fully engaged, but there was no problem when running. The overall fit of this running shoe is comfortable and padded yet light.

Sole Unit

This Nike Revolution 5 Running shoe is made up of a single unit foam and this running shoe presents a more modern look than other brand models in the same price range. This foam cushion in the shoe is firmly adjusted across the length of the foot and feels responsive when making a run.

The foam of this Revolution 5 shoe seems to retain its structure over time and will flatten the part of the foot where there is more pressure. The interval of the steps means that the patty can flex naturally and with ease and there is no problem even when the steps are flexible from the first episode.

nike revolution 5

The rubber outsole of this running shoe is not as thick and not as deep as the more traditional-looking running shoes.

This means these Nike Revolution 5 running shoes will spread over more challenging areas or over time. This thin outsole of the shoe will wear faster than the thicker outsole than the outdoor surfaces which is why I would highly recommend this running shoe for indoor use.


The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. These running shoes feature a minimal open design that is perfect not only for running or gym sessions but also for other non-rigorous activities. It uses light woven material that effectively keeps the feet cool and comfortable throughout the running course. The knitted upper in this running shoe provides exceptional breathing without compromising on support and durability.

The fit of this running shoe is true in shape as I get with all Nike running shoes and the soft upper means they are also suitable for a narrow or wide foot.

The Nike Revolution 5 also uses a hook-and-loop closure to make the shoe easy and on-off, allowing the user to customize the tightness around the shoe.

nike revolution 5


There is not much in the way of improving the responsiveness or providing stability. Knit textile top is a bit stiffer than regular mesh so it limits the flex that occurs in the upper part, otherwise reduces the energy that will be lost.

The heel of this shoe is very well designed to limit slippage and to keep the shoe from sticking to your foot. This running shoe feels great and allows you to really play it without getting that flip-flop-falling feeling. The outsole of the shoe is designed to enhance the response by even removing water and improving traction.

Landing Comfort

These running shoes hit a great medium between plush and firm. The thick stack under the heels of this shoe certainly saves the knees and other joints by providing plenty of material between your feet and the ground.

Yet the foam is actually quite strong, which is probably why Nike married the solid rubber outsole to the soft foam midsole. The Karan outsole is so dense and rigid and the landing is rigid. Still, this running shoe is not unpleasant but it can limit you to fewer runs.

nike revolution 5

Upper Comfort

The knitted upper of the Nike Revolution 5 gently hugs though you can still get a good deal of lockdown with laces. The overall design of the shoe is quite ideal. The collar and heel cup are shaped to keep the patty locked in without the need to suffocate your ankles with lace. It helps with a slightly softer tongue and a thin layer of collar padding. It is wide enough for your toes to land and exit.


The big thing to cover with the Nike Revolution 5 running shoe is the outsole. Firstly the outsole of this Revolution 5 shoe is almost completely covered by a hard rubber to protect against friction, perforation, and other traumatic attention. Usually, this is a good thing.

The long pieces of rubber in the uniform outsole make up the three outsole parts. We have no concerns and we have not found in any research or experiment that the midsole will be reduced. We hope most runners get several miles out of it.

nike revolution 5

You can definitely feel the difference when wearing the shoe. The midsole of this Nike Revolution 5 Running shoe is not soft, but firm and thin. However, if compared to the Nike revolution 4, it seems to have better arch support. This provides better flexibility than previous models.

You will also notice the difference in the outsole pattern. While the Nike Revolution 7 is based on different-sized pods, the Nike Revolution 5 is made with a layer of the rubber outsole. It has been tested for one rainy day and makes the shoe on a wet surface without any problems.

There are Colorways for Men's Nike Revolution 5:

There are Colorways for Women's Nike Revolution 5:

There are Colorways for Unisex-Child Nike Revolution 5:

Nike Revolution 5 Review

Pros Of Nike Revolution 5

1. Comfortable Upper layer
2. Great For middle range distance runs
3. A real Upgrade to provide models
4. Padding and Foam around the ankle
5. Traditional Laces to create a secure fit.

Cons Of Nike Revolution 5

1. Squeaky Sounds(There are no more cons)

One disadvantage of this shoe is that the insoles of the shoe are not removable. Otherwise, I would have called it more perfect. One of the last things I noticed was the random sound. This shoe doesn’t have that much and sometimes not at all. I’ve noticed that in some reviews people complain about it too. But if you can get used to this one thing then it is absolutely recommended and considered good quality shoes for a reasonable price.


If you are looking for a low-priced and good-looking Nike shoe that performs across all areas of practice then Nike Revolution 5 Running Shoe can be a good starting point. The Nike Revolution 5 running shoe is as good as the shoes around. They are efficient for short distances but also work very well for medium and long distances.

Nike Revolution 5 Review

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