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Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit Review – Super Cushioned Shoe in 2022

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Best selling Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit Review

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If you ask me to name the 3 most popular shoe companies in the world right now, then Nike will definitely have a name. Nike is actually a very popular brand and they do a lot of research on every element of the shoe before making any shoe.

Toda I will talk about Nike react infinity run flyknit shoe. I will share my personal experience with you after I buy this shoe.

I buy Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit shoes from Amazon.

First impression -

I like the shoe as soon as I see it online. This shoe is one of the best quality shoes I have ever seen because I like its design very much.
I like the outer cover of Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit very much. It is of very premium quality and it is made to match the closure and the color of the shoes.

Also, I like the Nike logo in the shoe the most unique.
They have placed it completely differently than other Nike shoes.

Daily life Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit -

I have used this shoe in my daily work as for the last one month I have been using this shoe very comfortably in my daily work out and playing basketball. Its upper is very strong and very thick. The outsole of this shoe is actually made of synthetic rubber. Although this shoe looks heavy, it weighs only 275 to 230 grams.

I have used a lot of shoes from Nike, I like it a lot like Nike revolution 5.
You can wear this shoe in any of your activities.


  • Super cushioned.

  • styles shoes.

  • Breathable upper.

  • It wear responsive experience.


  • Heel slip.

  • Expensive.

  • hard to clean.

  • Average Quality Outsole.

Best Features

features images in Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit

Let me Know Awesome features in Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit -

1.A Lightweight Fit -

This is a new version of Flyknit technology. This shoe has three layers to protect your feet.
This layer is made of rubber and synthetic material.
Also, the shoes are light in weight and you will not feel any discomfort if you wear them.
This is a modern design shoe that I thought would be too heavy for my 1st show. But after I bought it I realized it was actually very light and comfortable.

2.A Stable Feel -

One important thing is that if you take the shoe, the shoe is very beautiful, then what will happen?
The answer is no, the shoes don’t just have to be beautiful, the shoes have to be comfortable enough.

Because if the shoes are not comfortable, it is not suitable for us to wear.
I have been wearing this shoe for 2 long months and I can say that it has a higher foam stack inside it or it gives me a great feeling while walking. Also the wide shape of the shoe gives me stability while walking and provides strength at every walking step.

3.A Smooth Ride -

I like to wear this shoe when I walk around the trill place. Because when I wear it, I don’t get any injuries or fractures in my legs while walking on any hilly place because it is very soft inside which gives a great feeling to the legs.

The Nike company itself insists on the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit shoe – “The shape of the Nike React foam midsole is all about zonal performance. It provides support for the 3 phases of a runner’s stride: flexibility at toe-off, a smooth ride at mid-stance and cushioning at contact”.

5.Surprisingly flexible shoes -

One thing that bothers me is that the sole of the shoe is so full that it is very flexible.
You can bend this shoe in any way.

100% Rubber has been used to make the shoe which is a really good feature.
You can roll the Nike React as you wish.

4.Outsole -

The outsole of this shoe has many stripes to look at so that it can be worn on any hard or slippery place.
You can also walk in oily places wearing it as the outsole of the shoe will give you that support. But as a problem I saw dirt stuck in the strips of the outsole of the shoe which is actually annoying.

nike react infinity run flyknit review

Parsonal experience -

I bought the shoe on the 1st of 2021. Its design and midsole attracted me the most. After ordering the shoe from Amazon, I wear it for 3 months in a row. I wear it for almost everything from shipping to my work.
The shoe is very light compared to its style. I feel more comfortable walking in a slippery place than in a slippery place.

Female version –

The female version of the shoe is also popular and you can take it if you want. However, if you take the female version, you will get lighter weight than the male version.

I gave this shoe to one of my cousins. She is very satisfied with the shoe.
As a good aspect of this you will get a very soft feeling by wearing the shoe.

Conclusion -

Last but not least, the Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit is a personal experience with both good and bad shoes.
Let me know if you have problems with any features. we do research on the shoe before writing any article and then let you know.
However, if there is any mistake on this Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit Review, let me know and I will try to correct it.

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