Caring of Work Boots- How to Care Work Boots in 2021

Caring of Work Boots:

Let’s get into this to know the Caring of Work Boots. It is very important to take care of the shoes only if they are used. Steel toe work boots need to be worn every day and if you wear them, they will be dirty. If you do not clean the dirty shoes properly, there is a possibility of getting damaged quickly. A survey found that 30% of shoe users in the United States lose their shoes due to not taking proper care and cleaning –

work boot care and guideline for Caring of Work Boots

How to wash Work boot

1. The soles of the shoes can go up quickly.
2. Can rust on work boots.
3. Leather fabric can be made.
4. The color of the shoes may be damaged or pale.
5. The effectiveness of the safety material inside the rubber sole may be lost.
6. Waterproof issues may occur.
7.Imperfect resistance issues may occur.
8.Footbed can be damaged.

The tools you need to clean dirty work boot

work boot care and guideline in

1.Cleaner shampoo

2. Hard Washing Brass

3. Soft washing brass

First, untie the two shoelaces and clean them by soaking them in clean water.
Then take a container of cleaner shampoo. Give a little water in this container. The ratio of water to shampoo is half a glass of water for one teaspoon of shampoo.

Then take out the footbed or midsole board. Clean the footbed with soft brush with clean water.

Mix shampoo and water well then soak hard brush in shampoo and brush well outside the shoe. When brushing, apply light pressure, do not apply too much pressure, it may damage the leather of the shoe. If the whole shoe is brushed, then wipe it with a towel. Do it twice. Now dry it in the shade for 14 to 16 hours. After drying, you will see that it is shining. Now put the laces on the shoes.
If you have difficulty understanding, you can watch the video.

How To care work boot -

If you have to wear the shoe for daily needs, then you have to take care of it every day.

Every time you wear it, you do various things, then when you open the shoe, make sure that the shoe does not get wet. Therefore, after opening the shoe, wipe it with a cloth or towel. If the shoe is wet, its durability decreases, so wipe it.

Extra Care★

If the Midsole Board of work boot shoes is worn out, you can buy Midsole Bord from Amazon.